Woolly Weekend

"He was oppressed and afflicted,  yet he did not open his
mouth;he was led like a lamb to the slaughter, and as a
sheep before her shearers is silent,  so he did not open
his mouth."       Isaiah 53:7
April 25, 26 & 27  2019
10:00 am - 7:00 pm

  • Walk through the barn and observe the shepherds and shepherdesses shearing.  This is the real
    thing!  This is not a speed competition, but the work of a real working shepherd.  
  • Watch as the wool is shorn from the sheep (a simple hair cut!), and is made in to usable products - a
    shawl or other wool product - right before your eyes - washed, spun, and woven.  This is an actual
    sheep to shawl event - where the first wool shorn for the weekend is actually made in to a finished
    product that weekend.  See the shearing every 30 minuets on all three days.  
  • Please Note: Even in the event of rain, Woolly Weekend will proceed in the tour barn.
  • Demonstrations throughout the day on spinning wheels, carding, weaving on looms, felting, drop
    spindling, knitting, crocheting and much more!
  • A professional caterer will be offering samples of our 100% natural grass fed lamb meat.  We have
    been practicing sustainable agriculture for many years.
  • Educational Farm Museum - upstairs in the gambrel roof barn
  • Come when it is convenient for you.  A sheep is shorn, and the process is repeated about every 30
    minutes.  Spend the day or a simply an hour or two.  
  • Children's Activities - including wool sheep making,  felting, weaving, games & coloring
  • The Bible Garden will be open for mini-tours - with tour guide every hour- or as a self guided
    tour.  Over 300 plants in Shepherd's  garden are found in God's Word, the Bible; we currently have a
    handbook and placards that describe 100 of these.  A self guided audio tour is available - simply pick
    up the audio in the tour barn upon your arrival.
  • Farm Animal Area - pet the baby lambs, goats, pony, donkey, and more. See the new hatched chicks.
  • Shepherd's Shop - offers a great collection of woolly, hand crafts, farm fresh meat & food. Many
    items are hand crafted by local artisans; we are a Made in Oklahoma company.
  • Sheep to Shawl: Within  these three days, we will create three shawls from the first shorn wool on
    Thursday morning.  This includes the entire process!  It is rare to find a true Sheep to Shawl event.  
  • Short Course Fiber Classes - learn drop spindling or felting: Please call or email to pre-register.  
    Classes fill quickly.

  • Help make one of the shawls! Be a part of the team; one of only a handful in our nation.

  • Did you know that sheep must be shorn every year?  Sheep grow a nice long winter coat, and in
    preparation for the heat of the summer, the shepherd lovingly and laboriously gives them a shearing -
    a hair cut.  They would suffer heat prostration amongst other ailments if they were not shorn each
    year. In giving the sheep a shearing, the shepherd demonstrates his love for the sheep.
  • Did you know that sheep can be shorn standing or sitting?  We shear our sheep "sitting".  
    Sheep naturally relax when in the sitting position.  This is the way sheep are shorn all over the world,
    throughout history.  This reminds us of our Lord Jesus, in the reference from Isaiah 53 "Like a sheep
    before the shearers is silent, so the Lord went to the cross on our behalf."  This is our Easter event.
  • Enjoy a peaceful respite at the farm - hang out and watch the sheep graze
  • Admission: Suggested donation of $5 per person
  • Visit this link to learn more about the farm:   Discover Oklahoma Video of Shepherd's Cross
Woolly Weekend
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Woolly Weekend
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Woolly Deal - 10% off raw fleeces on
Woolly Weekend.  Just say "Woolly" when
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Tuesday thru Saturday  
Year Round

Tours available Th, Fri & Sat
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Extended Hours & Days
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Sundays & Mondays
July 4th
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New Year's week &
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Not responsible for accident or injury of any kind.  Participants attend and participate at their own risk.
16792 East 450 Road,
Claremore, OK 74017-0935

Hwy 66 & then  2.5 miles East on Akin Road
(EW 45 Road or EW 450 Road)

Contact us by e-mail: SheepFarm@ShepherdsCross.com
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Definition of a Sheep to Shawl: A sheep to shawl contest involves a team that shears a
sheep, spins the fleece into yarn, plys the yarn, and then weaves or uses another art form
to make the shorn fiber into a shawl. 100% of the fiber used for the finished shawl must be
from the sheep that is shorn at the event.

We are one of only a few truly authentic sheep to shawl events in the nation today.  

Many authentic sheep to shawl events occur in Europe but very few in North America.